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Mineral water bottle recycling granulation production line
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PET bottle cleaning and recycling production line
PET bottle cleaning and recycling line is mainly used for recycling waste mineral water bottles, coke bottles, PET pieces and other materials. The cleaning and recycling line processes waste plastics into reusable plastic raw materials through equipment such as de-marking, crushing, cleaning and drying.


 Dehumidification, drying and granulation of PET bottle tablets

 Many plastics also contain hydrophilic genes on their large molecular chains, which are easy to absorb moisture, making them contain different processes of water. If the plastic raw material drying is not good, more than the water content allowed by the molding process, it will affect the internal quality and appearance quality of the product, and cause processing difficulties. The internal quality of the performance index decreased significantly, the internal stress of the product increased, easy to crack, promote the hydrolysis and degradation of the polymer. PBT and PET plastic before molding if the water content is more than 0.02%, water for the customer to decompose the polymer. Appearance quality is indicated by bubbles, blemishes, silver, markings and loss of transparency. Due to the presence of water in injection molding and extrusion process resulting in increased surface viscosity and irregular fluctuations, plastic paste flow channel, sometimes serious salivation, so that molding difficult.

Our company through digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology at the same time, combined with practical experience design and production of this series of equipment. Equipment adopts high precision temperature control instrument, Siemens electrical appliances, PLC real programming control real-time display of material status and equipment operation. Through this set of equipment to make the material more good stability and give full play to its excellent performance.

PET bottle slice single screw granulation


SJSingle screw extruder


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